Wordpress Theme Design

About Vega Designs

With 14 years of website design and 10 years of Wordpress development experience, Vega Designs is able to offer the highest quality service and level of expertise to our customers. Whatever your design needs, we can work with you to make your website and Wordpress layout fully customized to your personal tastes. We offer unique Wordpress theme designs that you cannot find anywhere else. After we've created a custom Wordpress theme design, we can make you a brand design or graphic design as well. We can even make you an ecommerce Wordpress website for your business, allowing you to take payments for products online. With all of these exceptional services, we can guarantee that you receive the perfect website to suit your needs at an affordable price. Our theme designs start at just $299, so we can give our customers high quality service at reasonable prices. What is Wordpress?

Wordpress is one of the most popular web hosting platforms for business and personal websites, as well as blogs. Your site will have a built in Stats System to track your website's traffic, where people are coming from to your site, and which search engine phrases are directing people to it. Wordpress also offers one of the best spam blockers available called Akismet, which will prevent spammers from leaving messages on your site. Wordpress also offers a wide variety of widgets which we can further customize for you here at Vega Designs. Twitter, Flickr, and other widgets are available to add to your site to allow your website traffic to connect with you on your social networking pages. Plus, if you decide you want to add more widgets to your site after the initial Wordpress website development process, you can add them to your site yourself without having to learn any HTML code.

Why Create a Wordpress Website?

There are several reasons why creating a Wordpress website is an excellent choice for your business or personal site, the first being that you can maintain the site yourself. Not having to rely on someone else to update and edit your site saves you time and allows for fast, convenient updates that you can control. Wordpress is also SEO friendly, so you can easily get your site into Google, Yahoo!, Bing, and other popular search engines. SEO increases your website's visibility and draws traffic to your site.

Don't forget that by creating a Wordpress website, you are opening up the opportunity to fully control the look and feel of your site with a custom Wordpress theme design. You won't be stuck with a basic template, widgets you don't want, or a design that numerous other sites are also using. Your site can be 100% unique to your needs and style. Best of all, your Wordpress website is hosted by Wordpress free of charge, and you will receive Wordpress updates for free. This makes both maintaining your website and your Wordpress website development affordable and simple.