Description & Key Features:

A free and professionally-designed theme that will add legitimacy to your business or finance-related blog. Neutral-colored, black and white, this theme will mesh well with your ads and content. Featuring a smiling group of business men and women at the top of the page, this theme will be sure to give any blog a more professional look. Undertones of Wall Street and the turning cogs of the financial world border the page to complete the look, giving any blog using this theme an added layer of subtle depth. Customizable and compatible with your widgets, ads, and banners, you can confidently take on the financial blogger scene with this theme.

Theme Features:

  • Free theme
  • SEO friendly
  • Advertising banner friendly
  • Affiliate ready theme
  • Widget friendly posts
  • Widget friendly sidebars
  • Two column layout
  • Certified Vega Designs framework
  • Customizable background images
  • Customizable header image
  • Customizable Title (H1)


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