Description & Key Features:

It’s the bull versus the bear set on a financial sheet background with a wide column below for your posts about financial news, market winners and economic predictions. The gray background and clear white space around posts present a professional, clean image and clearly highlight the importance of the content. Blog titles appear in bold while lines receive a lot of vertical space for fast and easy reading. The advertising blocks on right side of the page are perfect for images of books covers. The container below the ads is populated by buttons allowing visitors to quickly connect with you and share your site on social media networks. The bottom container automatically expands as you add posts to your site.

Theme Features:

  • Free theme
  • SEO friendly
  • Advertising banner friendly
  • Affiliate ready theme
  • Widget friendly posts
  • Widget friendly sidebars
  • Two column layout
  • Certified Vega Designs framework
  • Customizable background images
  • Customizable header image
  • Customizable Title (H1)


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