What is WordPress Theme Sponsorship?

WordPress theme sponsorship is when an individual or business sponsors the design of a wordpress theme. In exchange for paid sponsorship, the individual or business receives a link(s) embeded into the wordpress theme. The link(s) are usually encrypted into the footer of the theme.

Why WordPress Theme Sponsorship?

1. SEO Value – the majority of the value from wordpress theme sponsorship is the inbound link(s) value. As people download and install the sponsored theme, the inbound links remain on the theme and pass valuable inbound link juice using desired anchor link text. Inbound links will lead to increased rankings in search engines and may ultimately bring the sponsor more traffic and/or sales.

How many inbound link(s) are guaranteed? We can’t guarantee a certain amount of links, but the sponsored wordpress theme will be submitted to WordPress.org and available on VegaDesigns.com in the appropriate category. Additionally, the sponsored theme will be featured on the home page of VegaDesigns for 30 days.

Previous sponsors have realized hundreds of permanent inbound links using our wordpress theme sponsorship. Every time, a person using your sponsored theme creates a page or post, that creates an additional inbound link(s). We have seen some sponsors realize thousands of inbound links with one sponsorship.

2. Brand Awareness & Traffic Increase

Once the theme you sponsor is downloaded and installed on websites around the internet, visitors will see the inbound links in the footer. The link exposure will result in some click throughs to your website. The brand awareness & traffic impact depends entirely on how many people install the theme you sponsor and the traffic those websites receive.

Why Vega Designs for Theme Sponsorship?

We design premium themes that are unmatched on the internet today. Our development standards are higher than other wordpress theme developers, which results in better built themes. What does this mean for you? It means people trust our themes and download at a higher rate due to nicer aesthetic and sound functionality. The more people that download the theme, the more value your sponsorship brings to your website.

We also create a custom, new design specifically for your business. This ensures that your theme will be installed on websites with a related subject to your business. Related inbound link(s) are more valuable to your website. You have complete control over the anchor text of the links in the theme.

How Much is Theme Sponsorship?

1 inbound link – $799
2 inbound links – $1299

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